Dex One Corporation
Sound Designer
Music Composer / Producer
Various services found in a Dex telephone directory create sounds that evolve to form a musical score.

The Dex Local Rhythms commercial is the third video in my 'Soundscapes' collaboration with director Ace Norton. This iteration of the musical sound design concept was achieved by composing the music first using sound effects specific to the cast of characters and their actions. This pre-scoring of the commercial was followed by filming a re-enacted performance of the music's various elements.
On the set of this production, I worked closely with the choreographer and actors to help actualize the musical sound design composition. In order to faithfully recreate the performances of all the discrete 'instruments', playback was coordinated of all the various isolated elements of the final music composition so that the actors could accurately perform their individual parts of the song.
In post-production, the music composition was developed into a collection of various lengths and iterations in order to create multiple versions of the commercial spot. The result is what came to be the most elaborate production of our 'Soundscapes' trilogy.
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