One Day on Earth
Supervising Sound Editor
Musical Montage Composer
One Day on Earth is the first film made entirely by an online community and shot entirely in a single day. It is as much a video database and online community as it is a feature-length movie experience. The result is a film reminiscent of Baraka that paints a beautiful cinematic portrait of planet earth on a single day by bringing together all the stories captured as sound and image collectively on that day.
In addition to doing the sound design and audio post-production for this film, I had the supreme joy of composing the film's music montage. This diverse musical sound design is a film montage created using audio from over thirty hours of music-related One Day on Earth footage that was captured all around the world from a remarkably diverse range of cultures and practices. After first composing the montage exclusively with sound, the corresponding videos were then edited in sync with the music, revealing this eclectic collection of sound sources. The end result is a cinematic musical score that transports us all around the world in a single unified piece of music.
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