Patrón Tequila
Interactive Sound & Music
The journey begins with a single Weber Blue Agave plant. By planting the agave in its field across the real geometry of your bar or table, you’ll trigger a flourishing field of agave, lush greenery, and a lifelike model of the Patrón Hacienda where Patrón Tequila is produced and bottled. As the experience unfolds, encounter life-size bottles of Patrón expressions accompanied by a bartender to lead you on your journey.

With a tap on a bottle, the bartender provides a guided explanation of the tasting notes and barrel aging process (where applicable) for each featured product, while the unique capabilities of Apple’s ARKit create an immersive and dynamic view of the surroundings.
Telling a non-linear augmented reality story like ’The Patrón Experience’ required building a cohesive interactive sound and music design for the brand and narrative. For this project I created custom sound design for the user interface sound effects, music that moves through the non-linear narrative, and cinematic sound design for narration, dialog, hard effects, and ambience to bring the world alive.
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